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Hi, I'm Sandra

I'm a writer, designer, video editor, photographer and illustrator

From tackling creative briefs in the advertising industry,
to collaborating with global media brands,
crafting the most engaging stories and testimonies
that draw people together ...

I love and breathe ideas and enjoy working with
the most incredible teams to make them happen.


Video Showreels

Directing, Editing, Branding and Art Direction

Branding Reel

Branding Reel

Video Editing Reel

UI / UX / Web

Wireframes, Concepts and Wordpress Websites

Grace Media Website: www.gracemedia
Hygge Collaboration: Wireframes for App
Sentosa App Revamp Wireframes
HME App and Website
"One-Click" Mockup - In collaboration with Koji Partners
I Can Read Landing Page Mockup - In collaboration with Koji Partners
HME App and Website

Print / Publications

Heart Crafted Designs

Thesis and Scripts


Above & Below the Line

Business Proposals

Presentations with applied Agile Methodology & Human Centred Design