Testimony: God’s Mouthpiece

This excerpt was taken from a speech I made in 2019, as part of the President's Opening Speech for a Toastmasters-in-Christ club meeting.


How was your week, my dear brothers and sisters? The world talks about Monday blues, but here you are! I am so blessed by your presence, and I always look forward to meeting you! I see God in each of you – in the way you smile, the way you work together, and also – the way you share and speak about our Daddy God. Thank you for coming. Also, I want to honour and appreciate our President Jacky for giving me this opportunity, and encouraging me to stand before you to share in his place. However, I won’t be speaking today. Instead, I want to invite the Holy Spirit to speak to us. Shall we pray? 


Heavenly Father, my dear papa God. I know that You hear us. I thank You that You have brought us all here. It was not by coincidence. Thank you Lord for these precious ones, and for those that are on their way, and even those of us who were not able to make their way down today. I ask that right now, Papa, you manifest your Holy Spirit amongst them. Open deaf ears, help the blind eyes see, and let them experience You face to face. We ask that take away the barriers, Lord we desire no barriers from you. Meet us Lord, speak to us. Anoint our lips, our tongue, our ears, and our senses. Help us be sensitive to you – so sensitive, that we don’t miss a single bit of this encounter. Thank you Lord, we invite you today. Speak to us we pray, in Jesus name, Amen. 


Last month, when Jacky spoke to me about speaking, I started praying. Lord, what do you want to say to your people? It’s only 5 minutes, but just 5 minutes with you Lord, can change a person’s life. I waited, and I prayed. Then I hear the Lord’s gentle whisper, tell my children, I want them to be my mouthpiece. I want them to be carriers of my presence and my voice. Turn to one of your neighbours and say, You are God’s masterpiece”. Now, turn to your 2nd choice of a neighbour and say, “You are God’s mouthpiece.” 

You must be asking, “Who? Me? How can I speak for God?” Funny, because that was what Moses said. You say, “Hang on! Moses is a great guy! He parted the water and led the Israelites out of Egypt! Me? I can’t even part the water in my bathtub. What are you talking about?”


Yet, when God appeared to Moses in a flaming bush, he wasn’t anybody. Moses had just fled from Egypt after murdering an Egyptian man. The only label he had to his name was “Murderer”.


By the grace of God, I believe none of us in this room has murdered anyone yet. Yet surely, God can use anyone to be his mouthpiece. 


I first experienced this up close 5 years ago. I woke up one day to discover that I couldn’t see. I started to panic. My left eye hurt. And every single bit of light to me was like piercing a fine needle through my eye. Even the dim bed side lamp felt like agony. I stumbled through the darkness, and fumbled through my belongings, trying to call for help. Even the phone’s light was excruciating, but I managed to call my parents, and they rushed me to the hospital. I was warded instantly. Their verdict was all the same – they couldn’t figure out why, and when they tried to shine lights into my eyes, whatever problem it was congested it so badly, that they couldn’t even shine the light to see the back of my eye. Because of that, no one could figure out what to do. They could only ward me, and just keep doing tests. 


Every day, the doctor would meet me, and ask if there was any improvement. There wasn’t. My eye still hurt. My vision was still blurry. I had to constantly put drops into my eye. One of it felt like it was constantly burning my iris. Again and again, the cycle repeated. But nothing improved. 

I even met a guy who also suddenly lost his sight. He had been in the hospital for months. And there was no improvement, no signs of recovery. He had lost all hope. Needless to say, his words were not very encouraging, and was of one who was pretty resigned to his fate.


This was where I was. Overnight. And I was only 23. A designer by profession. The lost of my sight, would mean the end of my career. Possibly, at the rate it was going, it might even be the end of my life. I kept praying, but the lack of results was pretty discouraging. 


Until one day, a nurse caught me secretly crying after trying to put on a strong front for visitors who had just left. And she said, “Aiyo, why you cry. Let me share with you something.”


When she was pregnant, her child was diagnosed with a problem. They told her to abort it, because if she was born, they said she would be a vegetable for life. But that family held on, and prayed. “Today,” she declared with renewed confidence, ” My miracle baby is 3 years old. She was born completely healthy, and now, she can even dance!”


“If my God can do it for me, He can do it for you!”

The word testimony – is ‘Do it again’.


It’s like saying, “God, You never change. If You did it once, You can do it again.”


That gave me faith, and I continued to pray and give thanks to the Lord. Slowly but surely, my sight returned. At some point, the doctor finally discharged me, but said, “Sandra, your eyesight is now 90%. Unless you use steroids, it will not improve.” Even so, my faith was so strong then that I declared, my God is good enough, he will restore me completely!


Today, my left eye is now 6/6. Fully restored, fully recovered. 


At that time, I desperately needed to hear from God. And her testimony was His answer. Hebrews 13:8 says, Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever. Who here still believes that God speaks today? When you speak, when you share of God’s goodness, when you share His Story, you are shaping History. 


If that nurse did not share that testimony with me, I might not have the faith to believe for my healing. Her words saved my eye that day. 


Just the other day, I was with brother Lawrence and he was sharing with a toastmaster about how he had triple failures in his life. A divorce, bankruptcy, and even amputation of his legs. “Wow,” his listener mused. “I don’t know how you could overcome all of these. If it was me I would have already leapt off the building.”

Do you know what happens when you share your story? Your words could save someone’s life. Because you have gone through it, you have a way to led others out of it. The greater the struggle, the greater the anointing after overcoming it. 


So today as you stand here, and wonder. “Why am I here? I’m not a preacher, I’m not a pastor. Why do I do this toastmasters thing? I believe God has called you here for a reason. As you practice, and as you share, you are equipping yourself. You are preparing yourself for moments like these. 

For whether you are called to a large audience, or even, just the audience of one, I believe God has called you to be His mouthpiece. Does God still speak today? Yes. Through His children, through you. You know how God works. He could shift an entire mountain, just to reach one person. But the more you practice, the better you get.


Speaking about God’s testimonies isn’t just a motivational talk – 

It could potentially change someone’s life.


May I encourage you to keep speaking, keep sharing, and keep shaping His-Story!

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